Trump’s polls aren’t sagging – they are pathetic.

Nearly worst since Gallup began tracking during President Truman

The gold standard of polls is Gallup, the firm that helped create public polling and that has been sampling American Presidents since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Gallup compiles daily running and weekly averages that it used to track how popular presidents are.

In just 4 weeks since his inauguration, Trump’s Approval / Disapproval Ratings Spread has increased by 18%

Trump has got record-low approval ratings, but those ratings have only gotten worse. Since February 4th, more than half the country has disapproved of the way he is doing his job.


Trump polls

Compared to President Obama, Trump’s approval rating is dismal.

Another fact: During President Obama’s entire 8-year term, 97.1 percent of the time his weekly poll numbers were higher than Trump’s most recent approval rating.

trump polls

Trump is on track to be the worst President since Gallup began tracking

trump polls

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