he $360 million Trump Tower Vancouver is officially open for business and ethics experts fear the building is an opportunity for foreign governments to transfer cash to the president, potentially violating the constitution.

Trump Tower Vancouver
Trump Tower Vancouver

Joo Kim Tiah, the developer who built the tower that bears the Trump name, joined Trump’s two sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Other family members were present, including Tiffany Trump (Trump’s daughter), and Vanessa Trump and Lara Trump, who are married to Trump’s two sons.

The mayor and local politicians from all three of Vancouver’s municipal parties and the city manager said they did not receive an invitation to the opening.

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No response to questions re absence of Van city officials @VancouverSun

Gregor Robertson and some councillors have long denounced the Trump brand as being inconsistent with Vancouver’s values. One councillor, Kerry Jang, called it a “beacon of intolerance.”

“None of us will be there,” Jang told The Washington Post during an interview Monday at City Hall. “It’s got bad karma, that place.”

Trump’s name and brand have no more place on ’s skyline than his racist, ignorant ideas have in the modern world

Inside, more than 100 local and some U.S. reporters, including several investigating how the Trump presidency could violate the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution.

Washington Post reporter Amy Brittain said: “It was interesting to hear Joo Kim Tiah speaking today, and he personally thanked President Trump for his support even though he couldn’t be here today. We are aware (Tiah) was in Washington for the inauguration. We are just continuing to track these openings around the world.”

Outside the Opening Ceremonies protesters assembled to voice their opinions.


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