Time Magazine Cover to Issue Published February 16, 2017

Details about the chaos inside the White House

An Excerpt from the Article:

The result of all the melodrama is a sense of constant chaos for a watchful nation and a crippling anxiety for White House officials. Some aides now refuse to communicate by email, given that federal law requires such messages to be archived for historians and investigators. Many have taken to using encrypted apps to get around the investigations Trump has ordered to clamp down on leaks. Others are skittish about even picking up the phone, assuming someone is always listening or monitoring calls. “It’s dysfunctional, as far as national security is concerned,” says Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican. “Who’s in charge? Who’s making policy? Who’s making decisions? I don’t know if anyone outside of the White House that knows.”

At the center of this tempest of confusion Trump has continued to hold court and set the tone, doing things as he has always done them, in his own way.