Supreme Court also vacates the Lower Court ruling, because the Trump Administration has opposes it.

Transgender Bathroom Title IX discriminationThe case is major defeat for Gavin Grimm and Transgender rights. By sending the case back to the lower court, which had previously ruled in favor of Gavin Grimm, and by vacating that previous ruling, the case would essentially have to start from ‘square one.’ The Supreme Court said the case would have to be decided on Title IX (the government’s broader anti-discrimination policy). Trump’s Education Department rescinded President Obama’s interpretation of Title IX, which was favorable for Transgender students. But Trump hasn’t indicated what the policy should be with regard to the law, essentially leaving things in limbo.

However, with Jeff Sessions in place as Attorney General, and the recent showdown with Betsy DeVos over this issue, it is impossible to see how there would be any consideration given to Transgender students.


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