Trump’s pick to serve as Army Secretary, the former Army doctor Mark Green (currently a Tennessee state senator) withdraws


Mark Green has made public statements regarding LGBT issues, Islam, and as a supporter of Creationism, he does not believe in Evolution

These statements are public record, and anyone who searched on Google would have found these:

  • He said if you ask psychiatrists they will tell you “transgender is a disease.”
  • He said “we will not tolerate” educating people on Islam in textbooks.
  • He’s a self-proclaimed “creationist” and gave a lecture arguing against evolution.


Mark Green claims that the attacks against him are “false and misleading.” He has now come to the conclusion that “this nomination has become a distraction.”

Trump Administration Vetting Process Appears Sloppy and Unprofessional.

This is the 2nd nomination for the same post of Army Secretary. The first nomination, billionaire and hedge fund manager Vincent Viola, also withdrew before his Senate Confirmation hearing apparently over conflicts of interest and financial ties with companies and organizations from which he was unable or unwilling to divest.


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