Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders discusses on “GMA” whether Trump will accept the Justice Department’s verdict on Trump’s claims that his predecessor, President Obama, ordered a wiretap.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeatedly uses talking points to justify Trump’s Twitter accusations that President Obama had illegally obtained wiretaps on Trump’s phone. She insists that Trump wants Congress to investigate before Trump will provide any detail of proof. She also said that Trump has not spoken to his Directors of the intelligence agencies. And if Trump has spoken with FBI Director James Comey, Trump does not accept his denial that no FISA court orders were obtained to wiretap Trump or his associates at the Trump tower.



  1. Fake diversion tactics… reporters are legitimizing this farce and acting as accomplices to Trumps diversion by reporting on it…….25% reporting on bullshit…takes away from 100% reporting on Russia Gate and the real news. Wake up…quit being Trumps puppets. Its a numbers game for him…and you are being played. MOVE ON !!!!!!!

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