House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz More Concerned with Protecting Trump than any Oversight Role

Wolf Blitzer interviews Chaffetz, asks whether his committee will investigate or hold hearings on Trump’s potential conflicts of interest or his tax returns.


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I would like Congressman Chaffetz to investigate President Trump’s potential domestic and foreign conflicts of interest, and subpoena his federal income taxes as part of that investigation. I am concerned that without a full investigation, the authority of the Office of the President will be undermined and it will encourage corruption, both at home and abroad. Thank you. [add name and address]



  1. I would like congressman Jason Chaffetz, to investigate president Trump potential domestic and foreign conflict of interest and subpoena his income taxes of part of that investigation, I am concerned that without a full investigation the authority of the office of the president would be undermind and it will encourage corruption, both home and abroad, thank you

  2. I have no faith in Jason Chaffetz. He has demonstrated he is totally partisan when he allows Trump to get away with whatever he wants from Trump’s relationship with Putin, not divesting his businesses and pay to play with AG that would investigate his T.U lawsuit. He such a hypocrite, he wasted two years and 7 million taxpayers’ dollars investigating Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi incident, when he knew there was nothing there to get her convicted on. It was all done to destroy her chances of becoming potus. He’s a shame and disgrace!

  3. This guy spends how many years and how much money on Clinton but will not look at Trump on anything. This is why Americans are fed up.

  4. Why did you think Trump put him in that Position? He k own the man will protect his own interest. He is his watch dog. Have to call his office, the more the better.

  5. Dump absolutely should show his taxes. He IS NOT above the law. It’s like Dump doesn’t have to do anything…he says I’m not going to do that…..and we are allowing him to get away with that. He is a LIAR ! He is a LIAR! He is a LIAR!

  6. trump didn’t put him in that position. He has been head of Oversight for a number of years. As others have commented, he wasted years & $7 million taxpayer dollars going after Hillary with no results.Most republicans are not answering their phones any more.McConnell’s & Ryan’s just say they are busy & then say good bye. One thing that pressure has seemed to actually work on this week is Ch
    affetz backing off of his plan to enter a bill to do away with the Office of Land Management & the US Forest Service so they could quietly sell off federal land for fossil fuel exploration. I don’t trust that they have actually given that up, but for now he withdrew the bill due to pressure.

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